Methodological approach

Project Methodology

The primary principle of CHILDRENHEALTH methodology is to take full advantage of the consortium’s accumulated expertise and competencies. Every aspect is based on synergy among the partners aiming for maximum impact to the general community and to the protection of children health in the cross-border region. 


The project activities are divided to 6 Work Packages (WPs). 


Roles - Tasks of Partners

The consortium includes partners from academic institutions and hospitals. The partnership accounts for technology provision and project management by the Lab of Medical Informatics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH-LP1) and for medical services, research and analysis and capitalisation of results by all partners: a. The 2nd Pediatrics Clinic of AUTH (LP1), b. The Clinical Hospital “Dr. Trifun Panovski” Bitola (LP2), c. The Giannitsa General Hospital (PP3), d. The Florina General Hospital (PP4), e. The Health Home Gevgelija (PP5).