Brief History

The project idea was initially developed in 2004 when a similar project proposal was submitted by the Overall Lead Partner for Cross-border collaboration between Greece and Bulgaria, resulting with the funding of the project (Contract Nr: 303848/9255) which run successfully from 2006 until 2008. Data samplings were collected from the regions of Smolyan, Serres, Kilkis, Drama and Thessaloniki, and several assumptions have been made regarding the onset of cardiovascular diseases. Similarly, in the cross border region of Greece and FYROM no systematic data is available to show similarities, differences or even contradictions among dietary and lifestyle guidelines for children, correlated with clinical and laboratory data. It is very important for the cross border populations to support evidence-based efficient approaches which will be facilitated by new technologies such as collaborative environments (Web 2.0) and the semantic Web (Web 3.0)                             
in order to develop and implement strategies of intervention for public health. The Overall Lead partner has collaborated with the Public Health Organisation Clinical Hospital “Dr. Trifun Panovski” Bitola which has both the scientific expertise and capacity to support the data samplings from the Pelagonia region, but also the management experience and required infrastructure to be the financial lead partner for FYROM.  The partnership was complemented by the Giannitsa General Hospital (PP3), the Florina General Hospital (PP4) and the Health Home Gevgelija (PP5), all three of them having relevant experience in children health programmes and initiatives and great interest for the exploitation of results within their establishments.