The aim of the proposed project is the cross-border collaboration between Greece and FYROM in using new technologies to protect public health; the project will assess and eventually mitigate the problems from the increasing of obesity and cardiovascular diseases in the general population starting from the infancy.
The strategic objectives addressed in the proposed project are:
a) to enhance the knowledge of the health effects of a changing diet or social environment and lifestyle of infants/children in the involved regions and enhance early determination of risk factors;


The role of health promotion is to promote and maintain the physical, intellectual and social health of the citizens through the upgrading of the natural and social environment or through the adoption of healthy behaviors, related to dietary habits (e.g. smoking, accommodation, social support etc). The work in this project will consist of the essential medical/clinical actions, but also of the technological facilities: analysis of data, processing and educational activities through the use of ICT which will be commonly used by both communities.

Brief History

The project idea was initially developed in 2004 when a similar project proposal was submitted by the Overall Lead Partner for Cross-border collaboration between Greece and Bulgaria, resulting with the funding of the project (Contract Nr: 303848/9255) which run successfully from 2006 until 2008. Data samplings were collected from the regions of Smolyan, Serres, Kilkis, Drama and Thessaloniki, and several assumptions have been made regarding the onset of cardiovascular diseases.